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Winshield For Car & Mini Bus

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Related introduction

1. Machine Application:

Continuous Thermal Bending Furnace is a special plant used to produce the laminated windshield for the car or bus.

It is the first processing machine in the whole windshield production line.

The glass produced by this machine is the thermal bent glass.

2. Supply Scope:

2.1. Loading system

2.2. Pre-heating chamber(s)

2.3. Heating chamber(s)

2.4. Pre-forming chamber(s)

2.5. Forming chamber(s)

2.6. Annealing chamber(s)

2.7. Cooling chamber(s)

2.8. Unloading system

2.9. Electrical & control system

2.10. Technical documents

3. Machine Main Features:

3.1. The whole process is controlled and monitored by computer. The glass forming process could be saved & displayed directly.

3.2. Different type of glass can be loaded in different wagon. Computer control system identifies wagons automatically and bends glass according to pre-setup.

3.3. Heater on/off could be changed at any time during forming, which is very convenient for parameters-setting of new glass type.

3.4. Heater up & down mechanism controlled by computer.

3.5. Driving system adopts gear rack, running stably.

3.6. Tank structure for wagon insures lower heating consumption.

3.7. IR thermometer equipped in forming zone, glass forming could be controlled accurately.

3.8. Automatic glass loading/unloading mechanism.

3.9. The exhaust device of cooling layer can accelerate the cooling speed and improve the efficiency.


Max. Galss Size

Wagon Quantity

Capacity (Loads/Hour)

Installation Power



21 Pcs

30 (2+2mm)

560 Kw



19 Pcs

22 (3+3mm)

582 Kw



13 Pcs

15 (3+3mm)

536 Kw


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