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Film Vacuum Machine

Time:2019-01-15 10:19:38Hits:2022
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(Vertical Type For Car & Mini Bus Windshield)

(Horizontal Type For Big Bus Windshield)

1. Machine Application

Vertical vacuum pre-heating & pressing machine is special in manufacturing bent laminated safety glass in architecture and autos. It is one part of the bent laminating line, after being laminated, the glass would be heated & vacuumed here. After this section, the glass should be sent to autoclave for further heating and pressing to achieve the best quality. This machine should be used together with the thermal bending furnace and autoclave, etc. The glass is conveyed vertically through the machine.

2. Supply Scope:

2.1. Main frame

2.2. Conveyor (s)

2.3. Heating system

2.4. Vacuum system

2.5. Air circulation system

2.6. Operation System (Touch screen)

2.7. Electrical & control system

3. Machine Main Features:

3.1. Automatic temperature control device and the speed can be adjusted freely, which is suitable to continuously working.

3.2. It can be used under all kinds of natural environment with high producing speed and finished product rate, and not affected by the local climate.

3.3. Glasses are vertically conveyed, the machine use less space and can work more efficiently.

3.4. Advanced design, reasonable structure, nice outlook and expert layout, which ensure safely and reliably running.


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