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Flat Glass Tempering Furnace

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Flat glass tempering machine is a special plant used to produce the flat tempered glass and thermal strengthened glass, which mainly used in the fields of architecture (doors, windows), shower room, garden fence, elevator, furniture, etc. With the force
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Main Technical Features:

Loading Table

1. When loading glass from side, there is automatic lifting system, which could detect glass and lift automatically

2. Equipped with LED light to detect the glass with defects.

Heating Furnace

1. There are ceramic plates at the top of oven, which could ensure more even heating, avoid dregs falling. But the cost is higher and has higher requirements on the installation.

2. The ceramic rollers system is driven by triple belts, which can ensure better simultaneous and stable running, and avoid the scratch and destroy of glass when above the rollers. It would not affect the running when any one of belt damaged. The design as below picture

3. Same top quality insulating materials for whole heating oven

4. Heating elements use the gapless design (parallelogram shape), which could make the heating more even. This could improve the finished product rate and better product quality. The design as below picture:

5. Using ceramic support for heating elements, which could avoid earth to avoid heater trouble

Cooling Section:

1. Upper and lower quenching could be moved separately, which is convenient to adjust the flatness of glass.

2. Quenching use whole overall folding.

3. More air in-let in quenching section, which guarantee more homogeneous air blowing.

4. Upper cover of quenching section could be lifted up and down vertically through cylinder,  which save place and easy for checking.

Control system:

1. Glass position could be displayed onto the main interface

2. Intelligent design for glass coming-out from the quenching section, which could avoid crash with the glass in unloading section, and avoid that glass could not come out from heating oven.

3. Lifting frame could come down automatically which could avoid crash with the glass coming from quenching section.

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