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Winshield For Big Bus

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Single Chamber Thermal Bending Furnace
Related introduction

1. Machine Application

Single Chamber Thermal Bending Furnace is a special plant used to produce the laminated windshield for the bus or truck. It is the first processing machine in the whole windshield production line. The glass produced by this machine is the thermal bent glass.

2. Supply Scope:

2.1. Loading system

2.2. Heating chamber

2.3. Heating element lifting & falling device

2.4. Two electric movable wagons

2.5. Electrical control cabinet

2.6. Technical documents

3. Machine Main Features:

3.1. The machine adopts computer-control with high automatization, easy operation and high finished product.

3.2. The machine adopts inverter, movement smooth, fluent and with the high reliable.

3.3. There are sliding stainless-steel rails on the wagons and the molds and glass can move freely on them, easy for the change of molds and glass loading and unloading. The wagon’s transverse moving adopts computer-controlled, which has the advantages of running rapid and reliable, to decrease working intensity and increase efficiency.

3.4. The door of wagons is moveable, loading and unloading glass easier.

3.5. Automatic temperature control and display for the heating chamber, easy for operating.


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